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Experienced Florida Bankruptcy Lawyers

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Experienced and successful Florida bankruptcy lawyers are here to help you solve your financial worries.

Jeffrey Hakanson P.A.'s bankruptcy lawyers have been helping Florida's west coast residents find financial freedom and peace of mind for over two decades. With 30+ years of experience in the field, our team has come across every kind of bankruptcy issue imaginable—and succeeded! We strive to uphold a standard for honesty and integrity when assisting clients enduring difficult economic times; especially considering that such troubles can be quite stressful physically and emotionally. When you're in need, count on us to provide reliable relief with compassion and understanding alongside professional legal counsel.

Helping You With Any Debt Issues You Face

Struggling financially? Let Jeffrey Hakanson, PA give you the personalized help you need. Our experienced lawyers can provide a range of solutions to fit your individual circumstances. Whether it's Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy, debt consolidation alternatives, or even foreclosure and repossession protection - we have the answers for every challenge life throws us! We are there when preventing financial ruin counts most – on medical bills, credit card debt, or loans/tax assessments that seem impossible to pay back yourself. Get in touch with us now for more info about our services; we can help you set up paths toward success.

Choose Lawyers Who Only Handle Bankruptcies & Foreclosures

Making the best of a challenging financial situation requires experienced, reliable legal guidance. Don't be misled - there are many bankruptcy law firms in Florida vying for your attention, but you need more than paperwork preparation and court appearances to successfully address debt management issues like bankruptcies or foreclosures. Debt consolidation companies may entice you with promises they cannot deliver on; if not handled correctly, it could leave you worse off financially than when started out. Make sure that the team advising you is well-versed in these matters so that all decisions made will enable long-term success.

Why Choose Us?

At Jeffrey Hakanson, P.A., we recognize that you deserve a personal touch during this difficult time and the confidence of experienced lawyers on your side. With over 30 years of legal experience and hundreds of satisfied clients under our belt, rest assured that our team has seen it all – enabling us to offer guidance tailored to your specific needs throughout bankruptcy proceedings with empathy every step along the way.

Contact Our Experienced Florida Bankruptcy Lawyers

If you have been struggling with an overwhelming amount of debt and relentless harassment from bill collectors, the time to act is now. Jeffrey Hakanson P.A.'s Florida bankruptcy lawyers understand how difficult this situation can be for individuals and families - that's why they offer a free initial consultation so that you can start exploring your options toward accomplishing financial relief today! Call (813) 480-0882 for your confidential appointment; allowing yourself the opportunity to achieve a fresh start without any upfront cost.

Can Student Loan Debt be Discharged Through Bankruptcy?

11 Alive discusses the false claim that student loan debt cannot be discharged through bankruptcy. For more information about how you may be able to discharge your student loan debt, contact the team at Hakanson Law today.

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